Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sheepy Shower

An actual baby shower invitation crafted for a friend!

[Clean Version; Brightened colours to lessen possible printing errors with CMYK; 
Sensitive Information Added Later]

The 'theme' was "Sheep" (due to it being the year of the sheep, as well as the father also being born on a sheep-year), and the constraints were to use the colour scheme of blue, cream and brown (though opted against brown after the first mock-up), as well as to fit in a picture of the couple and have a sheep-themed background. 

I'm pretty excited to see it's physical glossy glory in the mail, I only hope the pastel colours translate decently during the printing process.

Mock-up initial sheepish sketch-- my thought was a large spot to fit as much information as needed without compromising space. The couple adored it, but wanted something more akin to their original format (and to add a border), and specified the layout below. 

Mock-up Version after initial idea. No changes at all were requested as the layout was "nailed and then some"! I'm happy they got exactly what they wanted. 

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