Monday, April 20, 2015


A very busybee weekend; opted to assist a friend with the LudumDare game jam in the spare time that I had. The results are mixed because of the broken work schedule, but it was fun to work on some simple sprite art and animations again. That bee-ing said, I really want to go back and fix the bees themselves it was the first thing I drew.
(Queen Bee bee-in' idle)
(Queen Bee Commanding 'on Point')
(Worker Bee needsworkamIright)
(Not a puppy)
(Waspimus Enimus)
(Waspimus Bossimus +2 Fast Erratic Scariness)
(Waspimus Beatimus)

(Waspimus Killed-You-us / The Lose Screen)
(Queen Bee Sting ~ Unused Variation)
(I really wanted this over the Quit Button on the Lose Screen)

Sprite Collection with Bonus ducky and unused bush:

It was a fun experience working a jam remote and a weekend definitely deserves to be put aside for the next time participating.
My regret after the jam is the busy tutorial screen. You can play it here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Encompassing the best things of ye contemporary Easter: Bunnies, eggs, marshmallow sugar, and recycled fake grass! Playing around with styles again.

Also on the same vein of the sketchy style, I've started to make a couple example website layouts to brush up on HTML while 'finalizing' the main portfolio. 

Here's a crayon-y mobile layout for a kid's site!
Debating whether to leave the "kid" penciling, or to clean the lines. Hmm.
I can smell the wax.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Warrior Concept Art

Concept art of a default customizable warrior for a friend's start-up idea for character art direction; was given the theme of "cartoony" and (loosely) "Rayman Origins" with "big eyes" (which was stated about halfway through making this); I stuck to more curves and line-cleanness in the hope of easy vectorization before proceeding-- the level of detail is currently basic shading in lieu of figuring out animation incorporation. Let's see where this goes!