Monday, April 20, 2015


A very busybee weekend; opted to assist a friend with the LudumDare game jam in the spare time that I had. The results are mixed because of the broken work schedule, but it was fun to work on some simple sprite art and animations again. That bee-ing said, I really want to go back and fix the bees themselves it was the first thing I drew.
(Queen Bee bee-in' idle)
(Queen Bee Commanding 'on Point')
(Worker Bee needsworkamIright)
(Not a puppy)
(Waspimus Enimus)
(Waspimus Bossimus +2 Fast Erratic Scariness)
(Waspimus Beatimus)

(Waspimus Killed-You-us / The Lose Screen)
(Queen Bee Sting ~ Unused Variation)
(I really wanted this over the Quit Button on the Lose Screen)

Sprite Collection with Bonus ducky and unused bush:

It was a fun experience working a jam remote and a weekend definitely deserves to be put aside for the next time participating.
My regret after the jam is the busy tutorial screen. You can play it here.

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